What is Salt-Leached Extrusion?

Porelon pioneered the process of extruding salt-leached thermoplastic foams. We hold numerous patents related to our marking foams and we use several proprietary processes. This gives Porelon the ability to manufacture innovative foam products that no other company can produce, making our foam products truly one of a kind.

So just what is salt-leached extrusion?

Developed by our own staff chemists, Porelon’s salt-leached extrusion is a unique mix of exacting proportions, temperatures and process times. We begin by feeding exact amounts of salt, plastic, and a glycol solution through an extruder engineered to heat the formula at very high temperatures. At the appropriate time, the mixture is pushed through a metal die shaped to the desired dimensions for its specific application.

At this point in the manufacturing process, the resulting material is very hard to the touch. To soften the material, we put it through a delicate bathing process. Water is heated to specific temperatures and is aerated through the material, removing the salt, and leaving microscopic pores imbedded in the foam. The now soft foam is placed in a heated unit for a specified amount of time to properly dry. When finished, our salt-leached foam will be inked – if required – and cut to the desired size.

Porelon salt-leached foams attract, hold and, when necessary, deliver oil-based liquids, while rejecting water-based liquids. With complete control over pore size, density, and durometer, Porelon foams are highly adaptable for an array of applications, including:

  • Ink Metering (Porous and Non-Porous Marking)
  • Material Handling (Friction/Feed Rolls)
  • Temperature Control
  • Filtration
  • Shock Absorption
  • Noise Reduction
  • Oil-based Liquid Absorption
  • R/C Hobby (Vehicle/Aircraft Tires)

Companies with ties to industries as diverse as aeronautic, financial, construction, manufacturing, automotive, and consumer products all rely on Porelon salt-leached foam products to get the job done.

And, because we manufacture our own inks, Porelon is able to deliver marking foams and inks that are perfectly engineered to work in unison for spectacular results.

So we ask, what can Porelon create for you?