6 Steps For RFQ Success

Create An RFQ
Create An RFQ

Creating an RFQ can be an arduous task whether it is your first RFQ or your 100th.  In order to make the process as a little easier we have put together a few tips for you.

Plan In Advance

Like building a house, laying a solid foundation is critical for the creation of a successful RFQ.  Before you sit down to write your RFQ make sure you have done the following:

•  Research:  Ensure you fully understand what you need, what problems you need to be solved and specifically the technical aspects of your project (OD, ID, length, width, thickness, etc.).

•  Plan: Take the time to outline the RFQ process so that you know exactly what is needed, when it is needed and who is responsible for each of these items.

•  Organize: Whether you will be working alone or with a team, you may want to use tools such as DropBox, Google Docs and Office Live to help you organize and share files.

Start Writing

Once you have a solid foundation in place you can start to write your RFQ.  The more effort you put into each of the steps above the easier this part of the RFQ process will be.

•  Create: Before you start to write your RFQ make sure to double check your Checklist and download any forms you may need.  Once you have these items, simply take the data that you have organized from step 3 and start to fill out the RFQ form.

•  Review: When you are satisfied that you have completed the RFQ form and provided as much detail as possible regarding your engineering need(s), it is time to review your RFQ.  In order to ensure the accuracy of your RFQ you will want to have someone familiar with the project look over and edit the document as needed.

•  Distribute: Once your RFQ has been created and reviewed, it is time to submit you form.  If you have been given any special instructions regarding submitting your RFQ, be sure to follow them.   If you are mailing any supporting documents keep in mind “snail mail” may delay your timetable a bit.

Following these basic steps will ensure that the RFQ process is an easy one for you and that a custom solution is created that meets your organization’s needs.