Our History

Porelon-HeadquartersPorelon was founded in 1959 by Sam Johnson as a division of the SC Johnson Company. Sam named the division by blending the words “porous” and “nylon,” which represented important characteristics and materials of its products. Johnson’s original intent was to create micro-porous applicators for the health & beauty industry and to support several of the SC Johnson Company’s other product lines.

Sam Johnson recognized that the same technology was ideally suited for the application of ink to a variety of surfaces. Over time, the opportunity in the marking business eclipsed the original direction of the business. Porelon’s chemists and product development group began to focus on creating new ways to deliver ink across a diverse range of industries, including checks, ATMs, receipts, stock exchange tickets, ink jet and laser printers, tires and construction materials.

Today, Porelon LLC continues to build upon its rich heritage by manufacturing innovative inks, gels, foams, rollers and pads used by leading companies around the world.

Looking to the future, Porelon LLC has made advancements in our custom industrial business. If you have a unique need for ink, gel or foam products, please let us know how we can help engineer, develop and test a unique custom solution.