Creating Unique Results

Custom made foams and inks
Custom made foams and inks

Unique engineering solutions start with the ability to manufacture and manipulate base materials in order to achieve customizable results.  At Porelon we are often asked what base materials that we use.  The following provides a brief overview of the types of materials used in our manufacturing process.

 Water Based Inks vs. Oil Based Inks

Porelon manufactures both water and oil based inks.  Each type of ink has its own unique set of properties, uses and ideal printing surfaces that are determined by the chemical makeup of the ink.

The primary difference between water and oil based inks, lies in the type of solvent used in the creation of the ink.  In water-based inks, that solvent is water combined with various resins that impart the desired characteristics into the ink.  Conversely, oil based inks use a solvent that is oil based (animal, plant or crude) and then combine resins with the chosen solvent to achieve the desired attributes of the ink.

The surface tension of the materials that ink will be applied to, ultimately determines the type of ink will be used.  Water based inks require a porous substrate with high degree of surface tension, while oil based inks can generally print on just about any material.  However, oil based inks have a much greater level of toxicity and are not well suited to food, animal or human applications.

Foam Materials

The non-organic foams that are manufactured at Porelon are constructed from a variety of different polymers that are embedded with a proprietary compound.  By varying the amount and the size of the compound’s grains used during our manufacturing process, we can control the porosity of the foams that we create.  The ability to manipulate the porosity of our foams allows us to modify how the foam holds, dispenses and meters ink/liquids. This high degree of customization allows Porelon to create one-of-a-kind foam solutions that meet the exacting specifications of our clients.

Porelon’s ability to create customized foam solutions, ink solutions and combine the two together, allows us to provide our clients with tailored solutions at exacting specifications.  If you have a unique engineering need that requires a custom ink or foam solution contact us today