Premix Gels

Premix_gels_1Porelon gels have long been held as the stamp industry standard for quality, performance and longevity.

Porelon premix gels are available to customers looking to produce their own pre-inked stamps and stamp pads. Porelon pioneered pre-inked stamps, developing the first gel stamp system, Perma-Stamp™, the patented second generation Simplified Process stamp (more familiarly known as SP™), and All-Gel™ Premix for producing high-quality custom stamps in less than a day.

Recognized as the technology that pioneered pre-inked stamps and revolutionized the stamp industry, Porelon inks incorporate advanced patents to improve ink delivery.

Our patented technology utilizes an absorbent backing that eliminates overnight stabilization, allowing custom stamps to be ready to ship in a single day. This process also increases yield of stamps by 30-40% over other gels.


The specially metered ink supply, encapsulated in a molded microporous gel, prints thousands of crisp, clear messages on a wide range of papers. Inks will not dry out and stamps and pads even can be reinked for virtually unlimited life.

• Custom pre-inked stamps

• High quality gel stamp pads

• High-quality, high-strength pre-inked alternative to other foam or fabric stamp pads

• Proprietary formulas allow molding in plastic pad cases, saving time and expense


Along with standard colors of black, red, blue, violet and green, specialty or custom colors such as fluorescents, clear or “invisible” and breast cancer pink are also available. Packaging options are five-gallon pails, one-gallon pails and quarts.

Porelon products contain no heavy metals and are certified to be RoHS and CONEG compliant. Our products are HAPs free (Hazardous Air Pollutants) and low in VOCs. We utilize “green” materials such as soya oil and naturally-derived oleic acid wherever possible. Identity Group is REACH-registered and represented by ENVIRON as its Only Representative.