Our Technology

porelon_technologyTo deliver unique and reliable solutions to our customers, Porelon has achieved the right balance between innovation, technology and customer service. At each step in the manufacturing process, our chemists, engineers and technicians continually monitor and test to confirm compliance with customer specifications. Every order is sampled, inspected by hand and logged in our secure database, which also contains a comprehensive raw materials database with records dating back over 20 years.

Since most of what we produce is used for unique applications, we tailor the testing we do on raw materials, intermediate development, and final products on a job-by-job basis. Porelon products are used across the globe in conditions covering the full spectrum of extremes, and our quality control processes ensure that every order will perform exactly as intended. We also maintain confidentiality agreements with customers who require this service, keeping your technical innovations safe.

Our inks and inking systems have long been integral to sensitive financial procedures, heavy duty manufacturing equipment, the criminal justice system and the commercial retail engine that fuels the global economy. Currently we are working on custom projects with uses that range from edibles on your grocery shelf to how you wash your hands.