Stamp Inks

Stamp_Ink_1A revolutionary technology that allows for 10-minute production of pre-inked stamps with high-resolution graphics and type as small as 8-points.

FlashStamp™ stamp inks eliminate the need for polymer plates, matrix boards, sophisticated photography equipment and all of the other expensive machinery and time-consuming processes that were previously required to manufacture a high-quality stamp.

At the core of the FlashStamp™ process is a photo positive image that is covered with a transparent film and our unique FlashStamp™ Foam. When placed in a FlashStamp™ machine, the combination is exposed to an intense burst of light that seals the non-printing area, producing an imprint of precise resolution and coverage.

When combined with Porelon’s high-capacity inking reservoir and Porelon’s custom-designed ink, FlashStamps™ are fully inked and usable in about an hour.