Meet Our Team

When it comes to inks and foams, the expertise of the Porelon team is unrivaled. Our chemists have developed several patented and proprietary technologies that are exclusive to Porelon, and our Lean Manufacturing practices empower our associates to be even more innovative.

From management and sales to manufacturing and chemistry, we take great pride in developing creative solutions for our customers. You will find a rare combination of talented professionals who are just as comfortable working in a laboratory as they are working directly with customers. At every level of the Porelon organization, we are 100 percent customer-focused.

porelon_jim“Porelon makes great inks and foam but what makes Porelon a great company is the fact that we understand how to design precise systems that transform our customer’s ideas into realities. A lot of the time, a Porelon component is just one small piece of a very intricate system or product. But when our piece fits perfectly and performs exactly as specified, it makes our customer’s products work.
Everyone here understands the responsibility each of us has to our customers and we take it very seriously.”

image_2“My favorite part of the job is solving tough engineering challenges. It is not unusual for a customer to describe a product concept then ask me to develop a special foam structure or a really specialized application. We’re a very creative group that likes to jump in at the early concept stage and figure out both the chemistry and engineering to make a product idea into reality.”


image_3Most people think of Porelon foam when they need to apply ink to a surface, but we also make specialized foam that is ideal for absorbing oil. I really enjoy showing people how flexible our products are, and it is always exciting to get a reaction like ‘I had no idea Porelon did that.’”