Porelon rolls do not shrink
during use
Porelon is a Lean manufacturing facility
If you use an ATM machine, you encounter Porelon
Porelon is “porous and
nylon” together
50+ years in the printing marketplace
Product development combines chemistry
and engineering
Over one billion rolls manufactured
since 1959
Porelon rolls print on glass, metal or plastic
Over 100 yrs. of combined
R&D experience
Trusted by financial, aerospace, sports
fitness, forensics…
Multiple manufacturing locations
Porelon products are
sold globally
Manufacturer of our
own inks
100% Made in
the USA
Products for oil- or solvent-
based inks
Majority of our products
are engineered to a
customer’s specification
Find us in lumber, tire, and packaging industries
Customer partnerships
for 40+ years
100+ years combined manufacturing experience
Same manufacturing location for 40+ years
Porelon was founded in 1959 as a division of SC Johnson Company.