Porelon premix and molded gels form a durable yet flexible ink-impregnated microporous structure that marks consistently and evenly. We use several patented and proprietary processes and formulas to develop products for customers in the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America. 

With precise control over pore size, fluid viscosity and pore density, Porelon gels and premix combined with Porelon specialty inks are the dominant inking material for the unique demands of hand stamps, fingerprinting pads and lumber and carton marking equipment.

Porelon offers precise control over pore size, fluid viscosity and pore density.

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Choose From Two Patented Gels

Molded Gels

Porelon molded gels are an excellent choice for quality, reliable, low maintenance and low-cost printing applications. Inks are comprised of non-volatile solvents and vehicles that will not dry out. Gel inks are best suited for printing on porous or semi-porous substrates such as corrugated, paper, fabrics, lumber – any surface that will absorb the ink.

  • Corrugated carton marking
  • Pre-inked handstamps
  • Fingerprinting
  • Archival financial document printing

Premix Gels


The specially metered ink supply, encapsulated in a molded microporous gel, prints thousands of crisp, clear messages on a wide range of papers. Inks will not dry out and stamps and pads can even be re-inked for virtually unlimited life.

  • Pre-inked stamps
  • High quality gel stamp pads