Custom engineered to fit unique applications.

Porelon pioneered the process of extruding salt leached thermoplastic foams. We hold numerous patents related to our marking foams and use several proprietary processes to extrude innovative foam products that no other company can produce.

With complete control over factors such as pore size, density and durometer, Porelon foams are highly adaptable. Industries as diverse as financial, construction, automotive and retail rely on Porelon salt-leached foam products for everything from marking to material handling rollers.

Porelon foams are recognized as the “Cadillac” of open-celled foams for controlled fluid release.

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Choose From Four Foam Products

Open Cell Foam - Accuflo™


Accuflo open cell polyurethane foams can be produced in an almost infinite variety of shapes, forms and densities, and can be impregnated with various types of inks or other kinds of fluids.  Accuflo has also been successfully used for “dry” or non-inking applications such as paper handling.

Features & Applications
  • Wide temperature ranges (40° F to 130° F)
  • Has been produced in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 6" in diameter
  • No shrinkage during use
  • Standard and custom colors
  • Can also be used for controlled dispensing of lubricating oil, tracing fluids and many solvents
  • Exceptionally strong; can withstand severe conditions and resist abrasion with varying durometer (hardness)

Microporous Polyurethane Foams - Microfoam™


For applications requiring metered fluid releases, Microfoam’s microporous polyurethane uses both capillary and centrifugal action. Pore size, density, fluid composition and viscosity, transfer pressure and other factors are maximized to achieve ideal release rates for proper coverage, clarity and print life for each specific application. Oils (including silicones) and oil-based inks are best suited for compatibility with Microfoam’s porous materials.

Features & Applications
  • Ideally suited for applications such as ink rollers for printing calculators and cash registers, price-marking and label guns, ribbon reinking, and lumber marking
  • Pore size, density, fluid composition and viscosity can all be engineered to achieve precise fluid delivery for many applications
  • Specialty foams are available for “dry” or non-inking applications such as porous filters, foam drive rollers, static dissipative rollers, and vibration and shock absorption structures
  • Microfoam rolls have been produced in sizes from 3/8” to 6” in diameter and up to 72” in length. Microfoam’s porous foams demonstrate superior durability and dimensional stability under a wide temperature range

Microporous Thermoplastic Foams


Microporous Thermoplastic Foams, or “MT” for short, are a family of extruded salt-leached foams using polymers that include polyethylene, polypropylene/polyolefin copolymers and EVA. What sets MT apart from other foams and even from other salt-leached products, is the unique and patented technology developed by Porelon chemists that incorporates an additional component that acts as a flow enhancer.  Smoothing and coating the internal pore structure and significantly decreasing the friction and flow resistance of incorporating fluids into and delivering fluids out of the structure.

Features & Applications
  • MT rolls have been produced in sizes from 0.350” to 4.0” in diameter, in strips or pads up to 4.25” wide, and both in lengths up to 48”
  • MT is compatible with a wide range of oil-, glycol-, water- and solvent-based inks and fluids
  • By varying pore size and density, we are able to produce foams that excel both as metering devices for controlled delivery and as reservoirs such as for Flash™ stamps
  • Industries as diverse as financial, construction, automotive and retail rely on our salt-leached foam for superior performance and consistent fluid delivery
  •  The smooth, interconnected pores of the “MT” foam are ideally suited for large ink volumes and heavily pigmented inks that other foams are unable to handle reliably

Specialty Foam Rolls


Repetitive, custom printing solutions are where our specialty foam rolls really shine. Document processing and check endorsing are just a few of our success stories. 

Features & Applications

  • Available in outside diameters from 0.350” to 2.0”, in strips from .150” to 0.500” in thickness and widths up to 4”
  • Ideal for check endorsing, quality inspection and custom stamping