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Porelon, an independent division of Identity Group, LLC, specializes in creating inking products and elastomers for a wide variety of industries. We design and produce inking systems, rollers and custom foam for various applications and environments.

As a leading systems, elastomer and ink foam manufacturer, we understand that the products we deliver must fulfill unique requirements for your business. We focus our scientific, engineering and customer service efforts on delivering solutions that perform to your exact specifications.

Since our beginning, Porelon has been driven by and committed to innovation. Recently we have transformed the way we do business by implementing a Lean Manufacturing program.

By reengineering our development and manufacturing processes for maximum efficiency, we are capable of delivering unparalleled customer service and products to customers worldwide. From significantly reduced lead times, to quality enhancements, to more innovative products, today’s Porelon has raised the industry standard considering customer satisfaction.

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